About Us

ZAHRSSS Productions is one of the most emerging production houses in Karachi; Pakistan. It is a complete ‘Performing & Visual Arts’ production company mainly, specialized in four different domains i.e. Theatre, Film, Music, and Education. Established in 2009 is a self-motivated Production House.

ZAHRSSS is a platform where independent artist come together to communicate and reflect society.


We aim to highlight the social issues through Performing & Visual Arts as we think it is the most effective tool which is in practice since centuries. By uniting different communities on one platform, we can educate, entertain and create awareness in our society. 


The vision of ZAHRSSS PRODUCTION is to represent wisdom and insights acquired from society into performing arts. We believe that performing arts provide a platform where the strings of expression hear the song of emotions, the dancing reality and the beauty of it comes together at one place. Representing yourself is the representation of the world that surrounds you.